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Rachel Ratliff Attorney


The best part of my job is helping a family grow through the process of adoption.  I work with families to complete relative adoptions as well as step-parent adoptions.  I also work in conjunction with the Department of Children's Services to finalize adoptions for children in foster care to become part of a permanent, forever family.

Rachel Ratliff, Attorney


If a family member has reached the point of needing significant assistance with day to day tasks, or is no longer able to make their own decisions, a conservatorship may be beneficial.  I serve as either Petitioner's Attorney or Guardian Ad Litem. 

Rachel Ratliff Attorney


I handle both contested and uncontested divorces, primarily in Washington county.  Most contested divorce matters also require the parties to attend mediation.  Legal representation at a mediation is important, and I view mediation as a critical part of any contested divorce - because no step in a process that can be life-changing should be overlooked.

Rachel Ratliff Attorney


Every family goes through difficult times.  But no matter what happens, it's important to make sure that kids get to continue to be kids, and are kept out of adult problems.  To minimize the effect of family conflict, sometimes this may mean it is best for a child to be placed in the custody of a grandparent, or other relative.  My goal is to help you do what is best for the children in your family.  

Rachel Ratliff Attorney


In contested divorces involving children, it is my utmost goal to minimize the impact of family conflict on children.  In addition to representing divorcing parents, I am also available to serve as Guardian Ad Litem for children involved in divorce matters.  This means I serve as an attorney advocating for the best intersts of the children with regards to custody and visitation.

Rachel Ratliff Attorney


In addition to family law matters, I am also available to juvenile delinquent and unruly matters, and draft living wills and powers of attorney.

Rachel Ratliff Attorney
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